Holistic nursing care

A category 2 abdominal pain patient was brought into room 5 from the waiting room of my ER…She was an early 20 something who happened to be 17 weeks pregnant…she was complaining of diffuse belly pain, fever and nausea that had escalated over 48 hours. I watched the tech wheel her by the nursing station […]

An important few moments in time

It’s one of those ultra crazy ER days with all the beds full, waiting room restless, and the hallway filling up as well. A rescue call comes in over the “bat phone” for an elderly gentleman needing assistance with depression and suicidal ideation. Where can I put him to keep an eye on him and […]

An exercise of compassion

The ER is in total chaos today. All 23 rooms are full, the behavioral health suite is full, the waiting room is full and even the hallway is full. Full of sick patients. The nurses are frazzled, working as hard as they can delivering treatments, hanging IV medications, soothing fears, charting and carrying out each […]

Faith, God and the ER patient

In the process of returning from taking my lunch break and walking through the front of the ER by triage I spotted one of my daughter’s friends sitting in the waiting area with her father. I went up to them to say hello and noticed how pale she was. “What’s wrong honey?” “I have a […]

Rape and the ER patient

I know I’m sitting here on this stool because I can feel it under me. I see my patient across the room but I cannot easily take in the image. My brain feels like it has stopped functioning. I can’t think and all I can feel is the stool and my heart pounding in my […]

pediatrics and the ER

Her little blue eyes darted from her mother to me repeatedly as tears built up and dropped onto her cheeks. I smiled at her and set my equipment down on the counter.  Her little chin quivered with fear as she struggled to compose herself.  Her mother quickly rushed to her side on the stretcher and held her […]

Marriage, Love and Holistic Nursing

My husband and I have been married for 27 years, and have been together for 29.  We were high school sweethearts. I love to think back on those days.  I was the cheerleader and he was the jock from a small town high school.  I used to sit in the middle of his truck seat while we were […]

Painful patients

I met her as she ran into room 1 carrying his little gray body…the triage nurse was just ahead of her with scared eyes.   The mom, carrying the little gray body, was not crying.  I wanted to.  I took the little gray body from her, he was heavy and stiff, and laid him on the stretcher. The triage […]

The gift of Rose

That couple hours of time was one of the richest experiences I had in my years of doing hospice nursing. Rose was not my patient, so I had not met her before that night. Her daughter needed me, and I was so glad that I answered that early morning call in April.